N22 7XH

Administrative Postcode Data for N22 7XH

Postcode Data
Area N
District 22
Sector 7
Walk XH
Outbound N22
Inbound 7XH
Type Normal
Geospatial Data
Latitude 51.599570
Longitude -0.132744
Easting 529423
Northing 190621
Grid reference TQ294906
Elevation 67m
Administrative Data
London borough Haringey Borough Council
London borough ward Alexandra
UK Parliament constituency Hornsey and Wood Green
European region London
Socio-demographic Data
ONS Urban/Rural CategoryCity or larger town surrounded by inhabited countryside
ONS Population Classification Multicultural: Asian communities
Typical housing typesSemi-detached, terraced
Typical housing ownership Owner-occupied, private rental
Typical property price Average
Typical social class ABC1

Office of National Statistics Postcode Data for N22 7XH

Field CodeField NameField ValueField Value Lookup
PCD Postcode - 7 chars N22 7XH
PCD2 Postcode - 8 chars N22 7XH
PCDS Postcode - single space (e-Gif) N22 7XH
DOINTR Date of introduction 199806
DOTERM Date of termination
OSCTY County E99999999
OSLAUA LA Dist/UA E09000014 Haringey
OSWARD Ward E05000266 Alexandra
USERTYPE Usertype 0
OSEAST1M Grid ref Easting 529423
OSNRTH1M Grid ref Northing 0190621
OSHLTHAU Strategic Health Authority E18000007 London
HRO Pan SHA E19000003 London Programme for IT (LPFiT)
CTRY Country E92000001 Lloegr
GOR GOR E12000007 Llundain
STREG Standard Statistical Region 5
PCON Parliamentary Constituency E14000752 Hornsey and Wood Green
EER European Electoral Region E15000007 London
TECLEC TEC/LEC E24000012 London North
TTWA Travel to Work Area E30000082 London
PCT Primary Care Organisation E16000013 Haringey Teaching
NUTS NUTS UKI1202024 Alexandra
PSED 1991 Census ED (OGSS) 01APFA09
CENED 1991 Census ED (Census) AEFA09
EDIND ED indicator 1
OSHAPREV Pre July 2006 SHA Q05
LEA Local Education Authority 309
OLDHA Pre 2002 Health Authority QEW
WARDC91 1991 ward code (Census) 01AEFA
WARDO91 1991 ward code (OGSS) 01APFA
WARD98 1998 ward code 00APFA
STATSWARD 2005 Statistical ward 00APGA
OACODE OA code E00009847
OAIND OA indicator 0
PARK National Park E99999999
SOA1 SOA (Lower layer) E01001965 Haringey 009C
DZONE1 Datazone E99999999
SOA2 SOA (Middle layer) E02000405
URINDEW Urban/Rural indicator (E&W) 5
URINDSC Urban/Rural indicator (Scot) 9
URINDNI Urban/Rural indicator (NI) Z
DZONE2 Intermediate Geography E99999999
OAC OA Classification 7A3
OLDPCT Pre October 2006 PCO 5C9
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